Our Values

Our solid bonding is through the common values we share:

  • Ambition

    We aim to be the very best at our work, this why we constantly challenge ourselves and develop our skills.

  • Responsibility

    We have a significant influence on the work of other and we are very aware of that, so we keep to the commitments that we make.

  • Openness

    We understand and accept the fact that everyone is different to others and must definitely have their opinion on everything, so we do not hesitate in changes.

  • Team spirit

    We operate as a single unit and a strong team, we trust each other and listen to one another and solve problem with each other.

  • Drive

    We aim to inspire everyone around us by being passionate in what we do.

How we work

Total dedication to the project using the Agile Methodology!

Software expertise

We always cater to the quality of the code. Code Reviewal, extreme and pair programming and Test Driven Development.

Operating one project at a time

We do not like to lose focus, so every team operates one project at a time.


We are agile & work in Scrum. Our work is thus divided into easily manageable sprints.

One Room. One Team. One Client.

We always operate within a dedicated enclosed room environment for any project as it provides with clear communication, very few distractions and up teem focus.

Inhouse projects

We work on proposals that develop our company.


Our teams consist of Developers, Designers, Scrum Masters, QA Engineers and Product owner.

Test & learn approach

Every approach of ours is targeted towards the best outcome.

Feedback philosophy

We understand that giving and receiving feedback is extremely important. This makes us more smooth.