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Conquer your business goals with a neatly constructed and attractive iOS application

You may not have time to spend working on an iOS application for your business, we are here to serve you. You can save your precious time and start working with us here at Smart Future LLC - an acclaimed world class iOS app development firm. Our specialties include building application that are scalable to any device including iPhones, iOS TV’s and other iOS devices, all the applications can be custom designed.

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Achieve new heights in your business with a custom iOS application that the user’s will love

About us

Best choice for a long – term trustworthy partner for you iOS app developement

We are here to help you achieve all your business goals, we encompass a 9-year experience in iOS development and we can bring your idea from a mere though to reality. We will be with you every step of the way in your iOS development journey, which will start will analyzing your idea and clarifying any doubts all the way to launching your application on the app store and even after that by maintaining the app. We serve our valuable clients all over the world and have completed numerous projects whether for large companies or small startups.

Our work methods include using iOS libraries and Swift with the addition of Objective-C programming which guarantees optimum performance of your native iOS application. We also provide services such as fast deployment, attractive and smooth mobile apps with Flitter. We ensure quality in every step of our project development so that you receive the highest quality and easily maintainable code.

Our team which comprises of top iOS developers will treat your product as if they are developing their own project, they will make sure that all your expectations with us are fulfilled. With our methods iOS development, you are bound to receive the best possible version of your intended mobile app because our suggestions and experience will make sure that this motive is achieved.


What we do

We make sure that you get what and how you exactly desired


Connect with your customers across every device that works on iOS

Internet of Things
Apple Watch


Here is how we help you by taking the development process into our hands

  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Scrum

Remove any and all doubts, Get a detailed estimation and prepare necessary documentation.


With the help of our UX designers, develop a visual guide that displays your app in the form of a clickable prototype.

Project Kickoff

Get acquainted with your team and select tools that you wish to use to start your custom mobile app development process.


Observe and finalize designs that you desire, and which makes your users happy.

Development & QA

Experience working with the team as being a member by working and creating your own app by using our quality standards and using the famous Scrum methodology.

App Maintenance

You app will be up to date, security proof and free from crashes at all times.

Pull Request

New code parts to be integrated and discussed between the developers.

Continous Integration

The goal here is to fire automated checks.

Code Review

Different developers are assigned the task to check the code.

Merge Code Changes

Continuous Integration builds and deploys the application for testers and clients.

Manual Tests

Manual testing is performed by Quality Assurance specialists.

The Feature is Done!

Tested Features are given to the clients.

Sprint Planning

The Scrum Team decides and plans the sprint planning in this meeting.

Daily Scrum

To synchronize activates and develop plans for the coming 24 hours, a short meeting is held daily.

Sprint Refinement

The Product backlog is cleaned, and the ordering of tasks is performed.

Sprint Review

To discuss the last sprint and work on the product backlog if it is required.

Is it ready?

The team starts working on a new feature if the previous one is completed.

Sprint Retrospective

The team audits itself and develop plans for improvements for the next Sprint.

Tech stack

You can be sure we will build your iOS app using the best tools & technologies.

  • Technologies
  • Skills
  • Languages



React Native







Open GL

Open GL ES

Core Image

Core Audio

Core Location & MapKit

AV Foundation



Blueooth OTA


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Twitter SDK

Facebook SDK

Google SDK

In-App Payments

Push Notifications

Face Detection

3D Touch



Local Authentication

Network APIs




App Extensions


Trustworthy team for your iOS app

We treat your project as our own: We will share ideas and changes for the best quality output

Trial without risks

Have a trial period with us for 2 weeks, if you cancel the partnership, you have the rights to retain your code.

7 days – First demo

Your first working demo will be given to you within the first 7 days.

ip icon
Property rights

All the Intellectual property rights are yours at all times

Agile Methodology

We ensure efficiency of our team’s work with the aid of our Scrum masters.

Focused and Dedicated teams

You can work with the your specially allocated team which is always focused and engaged in your product.

coin icon
Meeting your time and budget

You have the option to deploy your project when you want and work with us I your budget.

Flexible engagement models

We have engagement models especially focused on your custom business needs


Experienced team

The specialists at our company are here to provide insight with their skillset and experience.


Service for the entire app lifecycle

We relieve all the workload of the development process of you and our service ensure a successful app for you.

Start working on your iOS Mobile App right away!

You can get your first working demo application within two week’s time.

Not ready for an estimate? Write to us and book Product Design Workshop to clarify your vision and prepare the crucial documentation.


We have extensive experience in multiple industries.

Are you looking for other services?

Everything your project needs in one place


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Frequently Asked Questions

Stability of the system

The iOS platform is renowned all over the world fir it’s crashes free processing and the stability of the operating system and for years it is constant no matter how many version of their different devices have been launched. This stability has made the iOS platform essentially free from bugs and the user experience keeps getting better by the day.

Rapid system adoption

Apple provides its users with a new system update every year and it is integrated on almost all the devices. The proof of this in in the Apple report on the release of iOS 13 which stated that nearly 80% of Apple devices are running on the updated system.

Unique features

The astounding thing about iOS is that it is enriched with numerous features weather in software or hardware. iOS has made it easy to integrate some powerful and eccentric elements nevertheless most of the apps show content from the server.

Security & privacy

Apple is known for its privacy compliance and puts the privacy of the users at the top priority. iOS continues to upgrade its privacy protocols each year and ensures a safe place to store user data only on their device.

In our experience, the best way to talk about the cost of iOS app development is by thinking about it in terms of complexity. And so:

Basic iOS applications cost around $29,500.

Medium-complexity iOS applications will range from $29,500 - $50,500

Complex iOS applications that require building a complicated architecture and multiple integrations or meeting high-security demand cost even more than $50,000

This rough estimate can serve as your starting point in understanding how much it really costs to develop an iOS app. Read an in-depth analysis of mobile app development cost in 2020.

We will always sign and NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the client if they want it. We can sign at any phase of the project.

You are the owner of Intellectual Property rights every time.

You can see our developed apps in our portfolio.

We have experience of developing numerous mobile and web project applications, so naturally we have a strong background in iOS applications from numerous application domains.

The development process work is divided into 7 categories:

Crystallizing the Vision

Partner selection

Wireframes & Design

Project Startup

App Development

Preparing the release

Maintenance of the app

It is part of our job to help you in uploading your completed application of the Apple app store. We can upload your app on the app store as well, it is a part of our development process.

After the completion of the project, we provide maintenance of the application, during the maintenance process, the development team for the application integrates app monitoring tools.

When you cooperate with us in your ongoing app maintenances, we will always be available to serve whenever the project demands it.

Our team works in one office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is one of the biggest tech hubs in the country.

Our team size depends on the size of the project but ideally there is a 1 Scrum Master, 1 Quality Assurance Engineer, 2 iOS developers, 2 Android developers if you want an android application as well.

Yes. The code we create is very efficiently written in every way so that it can be easily took over by any other team.

We will work with on a model known as the Time & Materials basis model. This model states that the total cost of a project depends on the actual effort made towards the development.

Yes, of course. You will be receiving the following on every update.s

An app demo build

A detailed review of what work has been completed

Details on how many hours the team has worked