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Tracker & IOT

Everything you need to know about your vehicle or fleet, All in One App. Robust, Secure, Engaging Interface and User friendly.

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Tracker & IOT

Scope of Features

Here is the scope of work and features as per the preliminary information provided by client. Please note any sort of modification or alteration is welcome.

Real Time Live Tracking

View exact location of the vehicle 24 x 7 anytime anywhere via web application or android/ios mobile app.


Keep an eye on times when vehicles are not active and keep track of how many miles the vehicle covered between each start and stop.

Speed Dashboard

Collect individual instances of speeding into a report that clarifies how your vehicles are being handled on the road.

Frequent Live Updates

To keep you and customers constantly informed of the location of your assets, you can receive GPS updates as frequently as every fifteen minutes.

Live Dashboard View

Stay aware all the time about what your driver is doing and how he is behaving. By using this feature, fleet managers will be able to see live view on each of their vehicle’s location, driver status, geo-fencing and traffic updates.

Replay Route

Replay map that allows users to see a "bread crumb" trail of a vehicle's route. Fleet managers can see the exact path the driver took and the approximate speed of the vehicle.

Geo Fencing

System will send notification to user when vehicle cross predefined city boundaries. User can get custom defined boundaries like home, office, college, University etc.

Idle Time Alert

Receive an alert whenever a vehicle is left idling for more than a specified amount of time. Monitor what date and time a vehicle began idling, as well as the location and duration of the event.

Vehicle Arrival Alert

Keep schedule running smoothly by receiving confirmation whenever a vehicle arrives at its destination. Know exactly when the vehicle arrived at a specific destination and how long it stayed there.

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel monitoring feature allows owners/fleet managers to get real-time updates on their mobiles about the level of fuel and consumption made by different drivers and vehicles according to their distance traveled and fuel consumed.

Route Deviation

With a geo-fence enabled GPS solution, owners/fleet managers can get instant alert via SMS or email whenever a driver goes to a wrong direction or deviates from the pre-defined routes.

Low Battery Alarm

System may also detect low battery and will send a low battery warning when the device’s battery goes under 20%.

Hard Braking & Acceleration

When someone drives roughly and do hard breaking or hard accelerator, owner gets notified.

Accident Crash Detection

Get alerted when car hits somewhere hardly or crash into a ditch.

Engine Kill

Option to remotely turn off the engine if user feels unauthorized usage. Engine cannot be started until user send the resume command.

Distance Summary Report

Total Distance Travelled Report on daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Speed Alert

Find out instantly when a driver has exceeded a certain speed.

Voice Surveillance

Listen all voices in vehicle with realtime voice monitoring

Safety Alarms

Warning alerts when someone try to tamper battery or device.

Towing Detection

Alert the owner when someone try to tow vehicle in ignition off state.

Anti-Theft Sensor

Notification alert when someone try to even touch the hidden device.

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Monitor temperature & humidity in vehicle and get alerts when high.

Vehicle Activity Report

A comprehensive summary of daily activity - combines all information into a single report.

SMS/Email Integration

All the notifications may be sent through SMS/Email to users’ registered phone numbers/email addresses.

Key features


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Atif Majeed
Atif Majeed
Founder Tracker&IOT


We were adjusting the team’s size according to our client’s needs


Product Owner

Scrum Master

Project Manager

UX/UI Designers

QA Engineers

Back-End Developers

Mobile App Developers


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